Me vs We : The Libra Aries Conundrum

As we walk into the new season heralded by the sun’s move into Libra and the equinox portal, we can leave judgement and overanalysis paralysis behind us. Virgo may always offer a giant vat of get shit done but it too can stifle our vision, drowning us in detail and nitpicky criticism. If you look for a hole, you will usually find something that passes for it. Ask any Virgo.

We sweep now into the mansion of balance and beauty. Libra is the realm of the ardent romantic and the consumate diplomat. Here beauty and symmetry are held in the highest esteem and breezy notions of grandeur can prevail. Enjoy this fresh air while you can. The Aries full moon is a mere day or so away and already intensity is ramping.

The Aries / Libra axis is one that calls to attention a focus on relationships as we wrangle me versus we. This lens falls on all our significant others: our beloveds and those we yet revile, our must haves and our can’t get rid of’s, our brothers and sisters by blood or choice or circumstance. We seek that holy panacea that is the perfect balance between us and them. Too much self focus dishonours the other: too little dishonours the self. Too much sacrifice beatifies the other: too little compromise rots the connection.

And beneath it all the undertow of Chiron in Aries since April, salting our old wounds afresh in the hope that we will stop ignoring them. His mission here is to connect us to our authentic self, the whole box and dice not just the pretty parts we’re happy to show off. He rewards our pioneering spirit and unabashed vulnerability.

If the full moon shines a light on where and why you hurt, don’t look away. If the new season asks you then to show the others, be brave. The ones who run or ridicule are not your people. Afford them the place on the sidelines they earn. The ones who step softly towards you are your kin. Lavish them accordingly.

I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Image by Rodarte
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018