Astrofuquery Survival Guide

Before you pop your visor down, set phasers to stun and charge out into a mad world, my top tips for surviving today’s astrofuquery. Full details of today’s cosmic tumult are in my last post. Today’s strategies are presented for you as a list darklings, because we all know how they soothe me.

1. You are not required to adjudicate or mediate. Do not be hurling yourself full of good intention and vaulting wisdom into the fray. Stay out of other people’s business or you are likely to be caught in the crossfire. Today and every day.

2. There are at least four sides to every story. Pick one at your peril. Did I mention stay out of it?

3. Avoid known offenders, simmering pots of anger, jealousy or rage. They will boil without your watching and are less likely to burn you if you steer clear.

4. Engage next level coping strategies to deal with your own emotions. Observe the turmoil within and listen to what it is screaming at you. Take all the necessary steps. Most emotion doesn’t move unless you do. Do the extra cardio class. Work it out of you.

5. Hold thy tongue. Yes, no matter what. Your witty comebacks and icy retorts will likely be immolated too. Hold. Thy. Tongue. Bite if required.

6. Get outta Dodge. The world will spin madly for a day without you and the far horizon will feed your dreams not your everyday nightmares.

7. Good boundaries are peak self care. Know your lines. Hold them. Respect the lines of others, no matter what you think of them. Boundaries always work both ways.

Today’s Mars Uranus astrofuquery does have its advantages darklings, magic beyond the mayhem. Every crisis holds within it a kernel of opportunity, every breakdown offers us staggering breakthrough. Seek it out. Open your mind to new solutions, ways and means. Drastic days call for revolutionary approaches to the same old shit. Discover them.

Urania is hankering for change and wants us to look to the lightning, to see how it ever so briefly lights up our world. Leave a lot of space for bolts of inspiration and fired up ideas. Apply today’s inferno to the good work of your life and let the flames lick it into shape instead.

Stay safe, darklings.

Art @badasscrossstitch
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018