Astrofuquery Look Book

Once again darklings I have thrown together a high fashun lookbook for tomorrow’s defcon five astrofuquery. It includes my new favourite face, just perfect for when Mars bangs once again up against Uranus. Building since last week, ramped by the unholy Venus Mars spat over the weekend and we’re a week out from the twisted firestarter that is the Aries full moon. Fire blanket anyone?

Let us recap shall we given that we have been here a few times this year. Uranus in Taurus since May shifted us into a new era of change writ large. Yes between eclipses, as though we’d somehow missed the memo entitled Evolve or Perish. Magnified by his retrograde and hankering for the revolution you have known you need to have ever since.

Uncle Mars in the fresh air of Aquaria is still bumping into things and drawing his sword by reflex. But now he senses a picture bigger than his battles and desires, and wonders how he could do things differently. Along comes lightning to test his fledgling yet faintly flaming ideas.

Their smackdown is powerful and can go one of two ways. If you are refusing to budge, grow or learn or indeed digging deeper into your stubborn resistance, you are no doubt feeling surrounded by snarks and bullies, fingerpointing fuckwits and whingeing warriors. And you know what? So are they.

If despite abject discomfort or pain, cheese grating social exchange and extreme levels of heart gristle, you are doing things somehow differently, your evolution is on track. Even if it is just a little bit. It isn’t designed to happen all at once or it won’t stick. It should both test your mettle and forge it. It may well desecrate your world to reveal the precious few who remain your loyal allies and your devoted kin.

Eye rolling may be daily cardio now but on days like these standing your ground is the new black.

You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce.
~ Tony Gaskins

And possibly tomorrow by what you wear.

Lookbook by Pam Hogg Fashion, Dior, Deena Apple and great eyeliner. Afterpath readings to make sense of it all still available until the next new moon. DM for available times if my cards are calling you.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018