Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Skipping out of eclipsia as we’re not finds our expectations reminding us they are built by our wishbone. Our backbone, strenthened in spite of our clutching, is telling us quite another tale.

Post our last few months or more, this year has turned into quite the surprise package. Our place in our world necessarily shifted by all that has gone on, how we have responded / reacted and then what happened after that. Every single one of us plunged, willingly or not, consciously or oh my God not, over and again, into our brand spanking ground zero.

Things that make you go hmmm. The blindsiding. The handling it on your feet as best you can then. What comes next. The inexplicable next thing. All the hmmms. Times by the whole year. It has been built on plunging us into our shadow and then the light we have to find in it, no longer given a choice.

This week is a build up. Astrofuquery on the horizon if not already licking at your heels. The final slam of the Mars Uranus bingle an echo of many days built on tinderbox encounters and grating ignition. We’ve done this a few times now and you’re either getting better or worse. Mostly both. Uncle Pluto still agitating for requisite change, the kind you can’t negotiate. Venus in a scorpionic shadow steeling herself to walk backwards down the fiery way. An Aries full moon in the offing and a lit path towards it.

In the face of all the hmmms, your next life is yet singing you towards it. The space made, unwillingly or not, is beginning to fill. New birds are calling to you in the morning and the world is waking up to its next season.

You too, darkling. Our hmmms are a hymn that echoes through us, strumming our backbone and tapping on our hummingbird hearts. They whisper melodies that tell of other ways and means. Sweet tunes that will sing us home.

As the world about you ramps up, its sound and fury filling your ears, know you can continue to hum a tune all of your own. Composed of what you now know, arranged with newfound care and a fresh ear for what you like the sound of. A song still wholly unwritten, with really good bones and the potential for enduring appeal. Built on a single note, hummed once upon a time after an eclipse.

Image of C&C Music Factory from Things That Make You Go Hmmm
Special thanks to Double J for hurling me back into the 90’s. All month.
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018