As I was bouncing along our country road into town today, I caught a glimmer of movement in the sky. Craning my neck, it came and went too quickly to fasten my eyes upon but soon enough I rounded a bend. The valley and sky opened up and dancing in the middle of it all, a murmuration.

My heart began to leap in unison. I could not pull over fast enough. I clambered out of my car beaming and stood by the side of the road in awe and wonder at the winged ballet weaving and diving in the brilliant sky. It caught my breath and made my eyes water. The smile on my face widened with every dip, every shimmering turn, each new constellation. I was transfixed.

A bumpy ute trundled towards me and pulled over at the sight of this woman on the other side of the road to her car staring skyward, grinning. A lady in her seventies with the brightest green eyes and a constitution that would put lesser mortals to shame peered at me out the open window. You right love?

The words couldn’t come out of my mouth fast enough as I gestured to the big blue. Both joined me on the side of the road as we marvelled at the dance and wondered at the birds. Some of my favourite conversation and a gentle reminder of the grace of community.

Eventually we each resumed our journey. They went one way and I another. Late now and grateful for the kind of magic that glittering eyes seek out, and find.


Words c. Kerrie Basha 2018