A Moving Moral Compass

Not all the side effects of eclipsia have been disastrous, if a little tough to choke down and even harder to digest. The natural result of so much trouble and strife has been a glorious honing and owning of our moral compass.

It spins on our value system, the qualities and characteristics we hold dear and those we find untenable. These have their roots, like all else, in our formative years when we were taught – by rote or by bad example – where the behaviour line was drawn.

This may have gotten muddled at school, where we learned to bow or break away. It may have been muddied by our young years if we experimented with the line. And then it set itself in our peculiar sweet spot in adulthood.

Shaped and refined by our varied experiences since then, our moral compass becomes part of our intuitive toolkit. We sense when people don’t share our values. We smell a rat when what people say does not match what they do. But worst of all, we learn repeatedly through the experience of getting it horribly wrong.

All of us have been lied to and let down. No one escapes their share of disrespect, disloyalty and outright betrayal. Like most all our tough to love lessons, it forges our ideas of right and wrong, of who stands with us and who will not or cannot. Lines crossed can be forgiven but they are forgotten at your peril.

Virgo is built on an exacting moral compass. It underpins their discernment and can fire up its lower octave, judgement. This year has shown us where these lines are now in no uncertain terms. With the sun and moon and Mercury all still standing shoulder to shoulder in Virgo, our moral compass is spinning to its new post eclipse setting.

You may see and feel glaring gaps in what once was solid. Add Venus newly in Scorptopia about to reverse over our heart’s landscape and the battlefield may beckon once again, building from now until the firecracking full moon in Aries.

Use what you have learned to pick your own side. Now that you know better, do better. You cannot force anyone to share your values. You can simply choose to spend your time and love and energy on those who do.

Your values become your destiny
~ Gandhi

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018