Afterpath Readings

“This is the Afterpath. This is the crooked road you make your way down now in your own time and in your own sweet addled way. Do not dwell on how you got here. Do not berate yourself with notions of what you could have done differently. You are still here but not forever. The past is not worth the sacrifice of the beautiful rest of your life. This is your tough love lesson, a cautionary tale that will become a rueful funny anecdote. One day you will be so grateful because of what it taught you. One day yet to dawn, at the far end of The Afterpath.”

I wrote this in 2014. I fervently hold it to be true. Post eclipsia nothing looks or feels like it once did, the unsettling magic of these mad seasons.

I have put together a delicious new offering, divinely designed to sift through the bones of eclipsia for you and pluck clarity, insight and wisdom from the decay.

Choose from the following Afterpath readings.

Afterpath : Ask The Oracle
A written answer to your question crafted through divination, cards and magic words. A love letter from me to you.

Afterpath : Into The Woods
A half hour reading to reveal the patterns at play and the solutions on offer.

Afterpath : Deep In The Dark Forest
An hour reading peering more deeply into the tapestry of your eclipse experience. Includes ritual to move forward.

Afterpath : Rising Up
Dip into everything in my medicine bag. Spend an hour and a half with the cards, peer into the stars and signs. We go straight to soul level. Includes a bespoke ritual crafted just for you.

Afterpath : Next Level
Combining my coaching and counselling with tarot and magic. If you’re seriously keen to leap forwards, this is for you. Priced per session, depending on your needs, desires and budget. Let’s chat about how we can work together.

And because Virgo is the sign of service and healing, I’d like to give away two readings. Tag a friend in need to enter them into the draw. And if you book in with me, you could win a reading to keep up your sleeve until you need it. Both winners will be drawn on the full moon.

This is the Afterpath. You are not alone. Take my hand and let’s walk it together.

Shoot me a message to enquire or book in. And if you’re old fashioned, send me a raven.

Words and readings c. Kerrie Basha, 2018