The Blessed Virgin’s Moon

Hark, the long awaited new moon in Virgo is soon cresting the far horizon. Lifting our weary spirits with the promise of hope and healing, she cannot come fast enough. Our finish lines – yes even the ones we slide over on our face – are also our brand new starting points. This new moon is at once the long craved conclusion of an unholy eclipse season and the beginning of What Comes Next.

Tempting as it is to sleep until next year or get the fuck out of Dodge for kinder horizons post all that middle of the year malarkey, we each begin again precisely where we find ourselves right now. Anchor yourself to that which you know you can rely upon, even if it just your sweet self. From today tether yourself to earth and sky, sunrise and sunset, home and hearth as safe spaces within which to work.

This new moon is where the reformation of life begins. Post the necessary attrition, the brutal reveal of the awful truth, the tipping of our world on its head. Our year to date has been nothing if not instructive and in time we will come to understand precisely how and why. Striving to work that out now is a spectacular waste of energy better devoted to the formation and furnishing of your brave new world.

The virgin is beholden to none other. Turn your focus back to yourself and your lifecrafting and let all else do what it will. What is meant for you will stay. Virgo energy is intrinsically healing and brilliantly discerning, bestowing a grounded grace on our fresh start. Mainline the laser focus and staggering efficiency its natives are renowned for and co-opt their pragmatism and practicality.

Neptune’s dreamy addition to this new moon fires our imagination and beelines our intuition, provided we don’t get lost in the haze or kicked in the nostalgias. In combination we are offered a chance to have our feet on the ground while still feeling the pulse of our future.

Tis time to plant seeds on the new moon that will flourish in the months to come.

From little things, big things grow.
~ Paul Kelly

She rises:
La La Land on Sunday at 11.10am
Nu Yoik on Sunday at 2.10pm
Old Blighty on Sunday at 7.10pm
Sydney Town on Monday at 4.10am

My favourite new moon ritual is here, darklings

Art: Demeter by Eugenia Loli
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018