The Rearview Mirror

Remember the good old days darklings, when a dark moon was your monthly opportunity to declutter, take stock and prepare optimistically for new and pretty things?

Back before we skidded into our beloved black hole moon dripping in entrails with sticks in our crazy hair and scorch marks all over us. Way back when before dark moons were tangled up in eclipsia and retrogrades and told the tale of yet another plummeting pirouette into the shadowlands.

We have not had a dark moon free from all that since June. No really. June. Most errything has shaken and shifted since then. This is the final note of that maddening, sometimes saddening, always shuddering eclipse season.

The one that encapsulated Mars and Mercury’s distinct retrogrades, as we rewove our relationship to anger and passion and fine tuned our truthful communication of it. As we bore the weight of Saturn’s existential grinding to find and fill the cracks. As we clung to the eclipse rollercoaster debating whether it was in fact an easier option to allow ourselves to be flung from the carriage.

This dark moon is built on crafting uncommon sense of that entire mad season. It has been a war of attrition and a stretch of unrelenting change. We may be exhausted and bereft but we are yet lighter and more free than when we began. Even if ground zero is a desolate landscape right now, it is from here you will plant beanstalks and conjure castles that climb to the clouds.

But not yet. First it is time to tie a blood red bow on the box marked mid 2018 and find a place for it in your cupboard. Somewhere near the skeletons, but in easier reach.

Often we need to look back to move forwards. To check what is fading in the rearview mirror before we put our foot down and eye the road ahead. Beware of Neptune kicking you in the nostalgias this weekend as you do. Sharp eyed observation and delusion do not mix.

Look instead to what you have learned. Grieve what you have lost. Untangle what still needs to be let go. Scrawl a lot. Cry more buckets. Breathe deeper. Forgive without forgetting what you were shown. Make space for the shimmering new.

The blessed new moon is near now and her promise is built in this darkness.


Vid of one of my favourite anti-heroines – and my familiar’s namesake – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018