Dark Moon Sailing

As we set sail towards the glimmering new moon horizon, we still have blessed hours in the quiet of the dark. I am a rabid fan of these cauldron spaces and what is always held in the void between. Sinking deeply into their magic and mystery is its own reward.

Here we try to tie a pretty bow on the unholy madness and mayhem that was eclipsia, but remember that not everything can be neatly wrappedup. The tendrils of eclipses ripple into our past and our future. The battleground will yet yield flowers. The lessons learned will pay handsome dividends. You will get better, stronger, smarter and will have these last few months to thank for it. There is plenty of time for the fever pitch to settle and hard won wisdom to trickle down into your everyday.

But first, a big breath out. This day is built on relinquishing. Surrender your notions of control or your hankering for shiny new distractions. Remove anything that has been shading your flickering light. Bury your dead and the remnants of battle and woe. Solemnly observe the cosmic imperative to understand and accept the tides and currents of your life.

Dark moon ritual is a wonderful way to frame and work with this potent energy, which holds the kernels of what comes next in its inky grip. My blog is rife with them, so too Eclipse-A-Tron if you have a copy of my ebook baby. That astro may be done but its understanding remains instructive, non? She is back up in the shop for Pay What You Can / Want / Will and immediate download, my dark gift to you.

Make space for what comes next by working this magic today. Rituals to cut cords, to forgive, to craft some room and begin to move on are found by searching ‘Ritual’ or ‘Dark Moon’ in the search box.¬†There you will find mucho information on how to harness the potent power of this day. Dive in.

Soon now darklings we will be lifted by a new tide that will put the wind back in our sails and carry us to far horizons. A dark moon done right is the very best prep and the kindest comfort there is. Set your new course upon it.

The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth. Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. It will make you strong.
~ George R R Martin

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018