Dear Saturn

Dear Saturn,
You bastard.

It occurred to me that a pertinent ritual to perform at the time of Saturn’s motion direct would be to write a letter to old Father Time. The first draft (above) was a little less eloquent than I had in mind but it has been an eye rolling week indeed as he stationed, non?

In his home state of Capricornia since January and retrograde since April, Saturn’s grinding restriction and status anxiety – is it done yet? am I there yet? is this the right thing to do? – has caused many a ringing headache and teeth to gnash. His unholy mission was to force us to take responsibility, do better, plug the gaps, shore up the foundations. The only way through was head down and bum up. Anything less was punished in an instant. His relentless prodding, on top of eclipses and half the bloody cosmos in reverse gear, has been a merry hell indeed.

But in a world too often cobbled together on the lowest common denominator and cheap short cuts, on shrugged shoulders and broken promises, Saturn’s clanging mission is just the bitter medicine we need.

Sure he will tighten the screws and ratchet up the pressure but we each get to choose how bad it gets. Saturn always rewards our commitment and discipline. He applauds grit and tenacity and solidity. He lauds truth unvarnished and sleeves rolled up. He loves us like a stern father, with barely a smile and our best interests at heart.

So maybe write two letters, darklings. The first scrawled in blood, a litany of how you have been hobbled, caught out, pressurised, restricted. The anxiety. The shattering. The grinding pain. Rant as required. Complete heaving and burn immediately.

The second will require brutal honesty and an unwavering commitment to do better. Note where there is work to be done. Where procrastination trips you up. Where you have shirked responsibility. Where your excuses no longer hold water. The ugly truth will reveal what Saturn has been trying to show you all along. This one you pin to the fridge.

Saturn is direct on Thursday, so soon now.
La La Land at 4.08am
Nu Yoik at 7.08am
Old Blighty at 12.08pm
Sydney Town at 9.08pm

May I suggest crisp clean paper, a sharp pencil and no fudging. Saturn’s boot is far worse than his retrograde.


Art uncredited (let me know if you do!)
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018