Oh my darklings, especially those currently wading through the quicksand of deep despair, existential meltdown or with Saturn sitting on your chest like an anvil. This unholy ratcheting is hitting like a le creuset to the guts. Belting us during the final dark moon of a tumultuous eclipse season. This year has been a relentless bandit for it.

This post is for you, my sweet. You, at the point where Doing The Work only induces eye rolling, vomiting or tears. You, in overwhelm, meltdown or crazy eyed escapism. You, sweet addled soul desperate for panacea since ease and grace grabbed a ride to the coast.

Herewith a variety of cures for this kinda gross discomfort. As a list because that always makes me feel better, times eleventy during Virgo season.

1. Bin the Non-Essentials
Sans overthinking, explanation or additional drama. This includes anything that isn’t a screaming priority (yes, you have to keep your children). Anything that can wait until next Monday when the mood du jour elevates. Anyone who is pushing you further into the hole. File all in the receptacle marked fuck right off. For now.

2. Time in the Real World
Your senses are crying out for some attention and your overthinking and anxiety isn’t it. Think baths, walks, swims. Stomping through the forest. Playing with animals. Sunsets. Waterfalls. Puddles if that’s all that is in easy reach. Force yourself off, up and out.

3. Move
Out of thy head and into thy body. Dance. Yoga. Insanely complicated workouts that require the part of your brain you are using to unravel yourself. Moving your body moves the funk.

4. Cures For Pain
Whatever gets you through the dark night, sans judgement or guilt. The only rule is to do no harm to others. May include vices. May vault beyond moderation. May not include self destructing, addiction feeding or anything that you will pay dearly for later.

5. Go To Bed
Crawl in, covers over your head, sleep through it if you can. This grind is exhausting. Rest is magical and restorative, a fact we constantly overlook.

6. Reach Out
You are not alone. Find the others. If they fail you, that’s what kindly strangers are for. All too often, angels in disguise throwing pearls of wisdom around like confetti.

7. Accept Help
You can and you should. Bonus points if you can *gasp* ask for help before you have a complete meltdown.

8. Cry
Buckets if required. Tears are the best cure for pain on the market.

Tough times demand militant self care, a defiant act of survival. Carve a safe space around yourself, sing your own song and pick your own side.

This too shall pass, darklings. Just not until Monday.

Part deux to follow.

Art via Texts from your Existentialist
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018