But Saturn, What Does It All Mean?

Say hello one and all to the existential crisis that always accompanies Saturn at his stationing point. If everything feels a little bit hopeless or you’re feeling a little bit useless in the face of the cosmic shellacking this year has metered out, you can thank old Father Time for tightening the screws on it all this week. Well may we be looking to find ourselves in the face of it all at fever pitch, which is why this made me spit my coffee laughing this morn. Oh lady, we’re right there with you.

Saturn rules structure, time and discipline. All the boring compulsory adulting that we try every now and then – or more often – to sidestep. Saturn abhors procrastination, excuses and your bullshit, with a penchant for punishing you for it. He is a champion of discipline, hard work and a steady mature approach. And in Capricornia, his home state and the seat of ambitious mountain climbing built on good fearless footing, he is packing an even more relentless punch.

Saturn’s rx started mid January, so look to events from that time and what has transpired since for a big clue to where the revisioning has poked and prodded you into solid change. He has been dragging us across our own sandpaper since then, forcing us to look at dem bones. How strong is the skeleton you hang your life on? Where do its cracks or breaks weaken you? Where do you still try to short cut or skip what you know you need to do? What steps have you taken – or can you still – to firm up those foundations?

Existential malaise tends to feel like utter crap and make everything turn bleak and hopeless. It isn’t. You ain’t. Discomfort is particularly galvanising if you don’t simply sit down in your shit and instead use that burning to fire you up and into some solid action. You stink therefore you am? Philosophy aside, Saturn’s grandest plans for us are to get solid and stable and then go forth and do the great work of our lives.

Go on then. One teeny solid Saturnian step at a time.


Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018