A September Solid

Another week, another planetary heavy hitter stationing to turn direct as we trudge through the final days of a long and brutal eclipse season. Time and tides have irrevocably shifted us here through a portal we were powerless to refuse. There is no turning back now, no matter what we wish upon. There is much to be grateful for, small mercies and glinting doorways we could not see before. And though we may not feel it clearly just yet, its purpose will become more visible each passing day.

Soon now darklings. When the moon is new again in Virgo, it will be time to replant and invigorate our growing tips. But first the blessed dark of the moon as we head into the final wane of eclipsia. Here may we seek our new balance and squint at where the tracks now lead.

Our cosmic taskmaster Saturn has begun to turn himself around. Now fault lines are revealed, so too any cracks in the structure and fabric of our lives. Anticipate loose threads whipping about your face. A deeper understanding of what has shifted in the lifequakes of the last months will clang like a church bell this week. Note well the pile of cards at your feet. Look to what you now know to be unshakably solid, even if it is just a rumble inside you. It is from here you will build anew.

Enough trilling about Mercury and Mars now direct, both are still retracing their steps through the shadow. Slowly regaining momentum and mojo alike, as are we darklings. Only fools rush through this resettling and too often skip properly digesting the changes wrought and the lessons learned. You cannot hustle or hurry the process, lest you repeat its schooling.

September is built on getting our feet back on solid ground in every sense. We are reforming and taking a new shape, reclaiming our places and discovering new facets of our power. We have been forged in the fires of eclipsia and this is the cooling off that sets our new shape.

In this we may wobble and tip but how else to find our new balance? Only through the trial and error of baby steps and the jettisoning of anything that weighs you down or pulls you off your line. This week is built on knowing the difference.

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go
~ Rumi

Words and image c. Kerrie Basha, 2018