Rising Tide Moon

Swishing into Pisces almost at her peak, the full moon is rising our tides in every sense. Although not yet at totality, her energy has been shining a blinding light on life post eclipsia all weekend.

The highest octaves of the final astrological mansion key us into our intuitive strengths. If we are willing to ride this emotional wave, it can deliver us to new shores guided by our inner light. That requires an ardent willingness to go there and a surrendering to our vulnerability, the feeling of being all at sea and at its mercy. The deeper you dive, the more you collaborate with a benevolent moonscape that seeks our highest iteration.

The lowest throb is drama and delusion. Hanging out in the cheap seats or flapping about on the shore makes it far too easy to be lured by the siren call of our cures for pain, that which numbs us to what’s really going on. Any lack of presence or refusal to take responsibility only underlines the excuses and bypassing trotted out in favour of the next hit. And that kinda low rent malarkey sets you up for a full moon tsunami.

A rising tide may well float all boats but its surge can equally swamp us. The earthy balm on offer from our holy trinity in Capricornia, Taurus and Virgo grounds and holds us through this powerful ebb and flow – provided you are willing to mainline the evolutionary imperative and not simply reach for the floaties. A noodle isn’t going to save you for long and a rubber ring doesn’t haul you out of the drink.

Not all moons are created equal and this baby blue shoots us deep in either direction. You choose the trajectory in every moment. Whether you do it consciously or not falls always and only to you darklings and to your willingness to drink deeply of her medicine.

Lady Luna peaks in Pisces in:

La La Land on Sunday at 4.56am
Nu Yoik on Sunday at 7.56am
Old Blighty on Sunday at 12.56pm
Sydney Town on Sunday at 9.56pm

Art : Storm Surge at Full Moon by Giuseppe Sacheri (1912)
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018