Pigs In Space

When I was at school, I wanted to be a political speechwriter. Inspired and set aflame by the words of Churchill and JFK, Martin Luther King and Gough Whitlam I was, well before I realised I didn’t have the stomach for it. And decades before politics and government turned into the dystopian gongshow it has become of late.

Pushing Trump’s staggering slip and fall into likely impeachment out of the news here in Australia today is yet another leadership spill that will oust our prime minister. Back room manbags at twenty paces. We have had four federal elections since 2010 and eight changes in the top job in that time, making a mockery of that whole by the people for the people thing.

Here in the lucky country our system of government means people tend to vote for individuals when they’re actually voting for a party. The puppet masters remain hidden behind an ultra conservative curtain that claims to make decisions on the basis of what the nation wants, thinks and feels. As though they know. As though they care. And they barely have a majority.

We are the land of Oz indeed, the levers operated from out of sight by faceless political warlocks paid handsomely for their machinations, who are horrifically out of touch with their humanity and the real world alike.

Pictured are the three muppets maneuvering for the top job. One is the pig in charge of our inhumane illegal detention of refugees and asylum seekers. The other pig is an ex cop who was dismissed for kidnapping and terrorising aboriginal children, who walked out on our national parliamentary apology to our land’s first people. The third is an accomplished terrifying political animal but because’s she is female, most attention has been given to the fact that she is *cymbal crash* divorced and *timpani roll* childless and *sour trumpets* supported gay marriage.

I have rolled my eyes so many times today they are wedged somewhere in the back of my head. And still, no one reads the stars or heeds the warnings about not starting a war in your party room or the total revisioning of our political, economic and social power systems or shirking your shadow.

In the olden days of ancient history, there was nary a king or queen, politician or wannabe without an astrologer in their corner. Aligning to forces mightier than their own was de rigeur and compulsory if you wanted to triumph. Little has changed, barring the utter devolution of the species politic. Our country for the Strayan Jacinda. Where for art thou Norm Trudeau?

As above, so below. What happens on our little stages is playing out on the biggest ones there are. Lady Eclipse isn’t quite done with us yet and her boot is aimed squarely at the arseholes that yet require her bitter medicine. Cue the full moon. Pass the popcorn.

Those who refuse to remember their history are condemned to repeat it.
~ Mr Turnbull, my year 9 Modern History teacher

Stupid is as stupid does.
~ Forrest Gump

Photo: Pigs In Spaaaaaaace from The Muppet Show, L- R First Mate Piggy, Captain Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork leading a crew of pigs aboard the Swinetrek / Australian politics.
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018