Merc Rx Spirit Animal

Herewith our spirit animal for the pointy end of Mercury retrograde in Leo, perhaps for the entire three weeks of its messing with our heads. Don’t get me wrong, darklings. This is no buying into low rent rx hysteria, the very best way to spectacularly miss the point of it all. Rather let us take a long moment, avec face contorted, to acknowledge how deep and sometimes difficult this particular comms revision has been.

Was it that it came on top of an already bowel shaking eclipse season? Was it because it joined forces with more than half our cosmos staring out their rear view mirrors? Was it because it played havoc with the post modern tech our world turns on? Well yes… and no.

It was tougher because it was in Leo, home of our heart centered whole truth. As in nothing but the truth, which meant a freighter full coming at you from all directions all at once. Waltzing shoulder to shoulder with the north node, portent of destiny, of who we came here to be. Thus did it not allow us to mew rather than roar.

In our oh so stage managed lives, this was quite the spanner in the spokes as we each rumbled with the fallout of our whole truth. Because the truth hurts. The ugly truth cannot be polished. And it cannot be unsaid or unheard. No wonder we are fatigued with facts and forlorn at their revelation.

There is only one antidote and it strikes me as the whole bloody point of this murky rx (pun intended, of course).

It is listening. Witnessing. Acknowledging. There is no communication without it. This underrated life skill allows a truth separate from yours to exist, without fear or favour. To just be out and seen and proudly heard. And that darklings is utterly magic.

As we wind out of Merc’s retrograde shadow over the next coupla weeks, listening is too the only way to stop your face contorting. Suspend disbelief and create a space for feelings, opinions and beliefs other than your own. Expand yourself in so doing. Flex your empathy muscles. Listen not to respond or disagree, simply to actually hear.

And like all good retrogrades do, let it change your life. This year is built on our reformation from the inside out. Yes, right down to your cute little furry ears.

The kindest thing you can do for someone else is listen without forming an opinion.
~ Lori Deschene

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018