Screaming Retrograde

Oh my frustrated little darklings, staring into the abyss and not feeling like now is quite right to jump. Correct you are. Tis not the time to leap nor snark nor spiral back into any previous pit o’ shit. The early days of our post eclipsia evolution are often fraught and unfamiliar, filled with crippling self doubt or lack of concrete direction. Do not allow that little ego trick to unravel your evolution.

Let us not forget that we at the pointy end of Uncle Merc’s eclipse frenzy retrograde. And hasn’t it been an eye raising additional addling to that mad season. He pushed his revisionist agenda to our brink, forcing the hard conversations or ruefully watching those depth diving into denial. Cue the silent screaming.

Combine with our cosmic firecracker, hamstrung and resentful, as Mars’ retrograde runs out its last coupla weeks. There may be much that cannot be unseen or unsaid. Mars has now backed his truck up into Capricornia, his favourite parking spot. Still he retreads old ground and may well regret terribly some previous action seen there. Know better now? Then do better when you traverse the battleground once more.

Still, neither support the shot out of a cannon feel we’re most accustomed to post eclipsia. Both can be laced with self criticism and shirt pulling. Especially on the back of a Leo new moon that has found us mewing. Tis a vexing little cocktail to choke down.

The fabulous thing about such discomfort and frustration is how bloody galvanising it is. Especially if you turn your pretty head towards it and see where it wants to point you. There is still time to get it. The next few days especially will contain the fresh perspective that is the gift of Mercury retrograde. Keep a glittering eye peeled and it will drop right in.

And if you have screamed yourself hoarse you will realise anew that it is far more exhausting than not. We are crafting our new life and not every old habit has to die hard.

Buck up darklings, tomorrow is a new day and could well be the one that shows you the way. Look for it.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018