Sovereign New Moon

As we approach this eve’s eclipse finale, well may we feel weary and lost in the dark. This mad season has been brutal and brilliant all at once, though it may yet take time for us to appreciate its peculiar magic. It is okay for things not to make sense right now. They are reforming and realigning and much may feel unfamiliar.

Lady Eclipsia has been dancing across the Leo Aquarius axis since February 2017. Just ask me, an Aquarian with a Leo moon. Hells bells it has rearranged me from the inside out. The challenges and battles it has brought to bear have wounded and forged me alike. I have had to prowl the perimeters of my jungle to understand what hid in the shadows there and befriend it. It has clarified my priorities, my blessed pride (and those who have no place in it) and my intentions from this point forward. Grateful though I may be for where I find myself now, I wouldn’t go through it again if you paid me. And that, darklings, is eclipsia in a nutshell.

Very soon now, the final bell tolls. In the midst of retrograde overload and a revisionist imperative, this isn’t the trumpeted new beginning that is the hallmark of the Leo new moon. Nonetheless it harks to our personal sovereignty, hailing the rulership of our own life as priority above all other. It demands our truth not our compromise, our strength not our weakness, our courage not our cowering. This is how we eclipse ourselves.

So spark your lantern tonight even if it only faintly flickers. Let its light spill around the new ground zero you now inhabit. Look for your lionheart and promise never to leave her out in the cold again. And as all our little ones do, make a wish upon a star when the moon is new.

You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say.
~ Paulo Coelho

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse
La La Land on Saturday at 2.58am
Nu Yoik on Saturday at 5.58am
Old Blighty on Saturday at 10.58am
Sydney Town on Saturday at 7.58pm


Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018