The Pointy End of Eclipsia

So here we find ourselves, darklings. At the pointy end of eclipsia, her peculiar magic still playing hard to want with a retrograde infused dark moon. A questionable cocktail at best that forces us to look back in order to peer forwards. Christ on a bike, it’s a riddle.

And for recovering control freaks like all of us, the chaos has been devastatingly unsettling. Lady Eclipsia’s stock in trade is blindsiding change. The kind you didn’t see coming. Except oh fuck you did, a little bit. Back when you were better at denial than reality and enacting the kindest deception there is, your own.

So then it is all too easy now to slump into the very last dark moon deep breath of this mad season and admonish yourself. For what you should have seen coming, despite the smoke and mirrors. For what you could have done better, even as the chaos swirled about you. For what you should have said and done, when its consequences were unfathomable.

I have a deep and enduring aversion to shoulds. They are always someone else’s idea of how we *should* be behaving, an assumption that rarely has much to do with it. Eclipses come along at least twice a year to shine an awkward blinding spotlight on that for all of us mere humans, bless ’em. They illuminate our unholy compromises in the most brutal way and then dash them with barely a wave.

But still, the light. The truth of it all laid bare. This is why eclipses are portals that shunt us so regularly through our lives. Twice a bloody year, forever.

So submit. Let it shine. Stop squeezing your eyes shut and take a proper look instead at what you see in front of you. This dark moon is built on mainlining the change that has now become compulsory. That does not mean it has to come with a waggled finger.

Now you know better, you can do better. We’ve all been schooled but what have you learned? We have a day yet, built on digging deep and letting go. Get rid of anything that stops you doing better, now that you know. Make space for what comes in when you do better, carried on the optimistic new moon. Ready or not, here comes our final chance this round to eclipse ourselves.

Make ready.

Image by Mystic Mama
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018