Dark Moon Eclipsing

That sense of the new horizon post eclipsia is creeping beautifully. Diving deep into the dark moon we may be but do not let her density fool or depress you. She is built to slow you down, give you time to rest and sort. She knows we need to be pushed to do that so she bears down.

The shimmering secret, ever tucked into every dark moon, is what comes next. We peer into this cauldron space to find it. This is why it is best not ignored or deferred or denied at your peril. All things have their genesis in dark matter, the space before their forming. And especially now. Because eclipses and retrogrades, natural and unnatural disasters, shitfights and drama, the inexplicable fever pitch of the last couple of months. An awful lot all at once, for all of us.

It is no secret I am a rabid fan of Lady Eclipsia. Her effect on my own life is not insignificant but it is brilliant. And don’t forget, it’s a constant. Every six months. I never love it while it is happening. It has encompassed some of the most difficult moments of my life. And I am – afterwards, always afterwards – supremely grateful for her intervention. She moves us through our lives.

Heavy though things may feel, keep a glittering eye out for the kaleidoscope of inspiration, opportunity and dumb luck swirling about you right now. It’s there. It always is when all hope seems lost and everything is unfamiliar and you’re too exhausted to do anything about any of it. Every. Single. Time.

If you obey the imperative to slow down, not panic and take stock, you will be rewarded with a vision of your horizon. Not set yet but suddenly now possible, in a way it was not before.

So choose. Are you looking backwards or forwards?

Your answer determines your future. And you can choose it.

Art: The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018