Dark Moon Self Care

Welcome one, welcome all to the final tide out of this apocalyptic eclipse season. After nearly six weeks of fairly constant tsunamis and lifequakes, here we now find ourselves. In the waning dark of the moon, when things quiet and still for us each to draw breath, take stock, declutter mind heart soul. A truly beautiful ancient idea that monthly butts up against our very modern lives.

So what can you do – on top of everything else + life – to give yourself the gifts of the dark moon?

You can not overschedule this week.

You can sleep more and drink more water.

You can say no.

You can carve out some clear time and not fill it.

You can declutter just one thing, even if it is the cutlery drawer and is not the whole house.

You can stare out into vague middle distance instead of down at a screen *irony disclaimer* tis one of our greatest post modern battles.

You can journal instead of read, pour out your life instead of constantly imbibing others.

When you clean, you can add an intention to remove all the old stale bits and make space for the new. You do it anyway. Just add magic.

You can take ten deep breaths, in a row, three times a day. Set an alarm and do it. Also magic.

Everyday lifechanging magic. It’s a thing. Lunar and energetic cycles. Also things. No matter what kind of gong show is ever unfolding in front of you, you can submit to a grander plan than you can see right now and then apply practical magic.

Try it. What have you got to lose darklings? Only everything to gain.

Herewith my latest altar in a new clean clear space, ever my favourite way to engage practical magic. The album at the front is Cleo Laine from 1978 with her seminal eclipse mantra album, Gonna Get Through. Musical divination, also a thing.

Words and image c. Kerrie Basha, 2018