Fever Pitch Astrology

After the fever pitch astrology of the past week or month or more – and yes, our tumbleweeding through it – there comes a moment where you must just stop. Stop right where you find yourself. Sit down. Take stock and deep breaths and more than a minute. Now if not sooner.

Lady Eclipsia still cycloning through our lives has been taking no prisoners and leaving no stone unturned. Lives have been upended, wounds unpicked or gaping, damage has been done. As the dark moon approaches, it is time to seek allies and the blessed shelter they offer.

If we roll our eyes skyward, we can find the panacea we seek. Chiron is stepping forward this weekend with tissues and kind words and wisdom. Remember his magic is built on overbloodycoming, on tending our wounds and gently healing them from the inside out. He needs our focus to be on us not them to do his best work. Pull the lens back to make it so.

Taking their places for the final new moon eclipse in Leo next weekend is a brigade of lionesses, among them asteroid goddesses who bring their potency and power to bear. Lilith hauls us into take no shit mode and bolsters self respect. Hecate reconnects us to our highest magic and guides us through our crossroads. The dark ones do not shy away from the shadows and will help you to navigate yours.

The greatest part of rebuilding and recovery is the rediscovery and reclaiming of your personal power. Our retrograde cosmos is pushing us through all the re-wording and revisioning so we may craft sense from the unimaginable. Eclipses are portals designed to move us through our lives. Their magic can only be integrated if you are willing to stare bravely down what they show you and work with that.

Lion season is all about your personal sovereignty. The right use of your power and your ability to lead in your own life. No great ruler stands unchallenged. No noble monarch sits on their hands or shakes their fist at the sky. Neither you, darkling.

This weekend pull your allies in close, whatever shape or form they may take. Rely on your pride, in every sense.

Tell me it isn’t magic
the way you heal yourself
~ @mazadohta

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018