The Plus Side of This Mad Season

So we need some pluses, don’t we darklings. Big ticks that make this season worthwhile, even if we currently feel desperately bereft of them. In my experience, when life feels like hell in a handbasket – or worse, nothing – the solution is often a list.

At this point I’ll add a no Virgo disclaimer. Virgoans own lists and more specifically, their ticking off. Their getting done and then filing completed in an always accessible (and neat) system. I have none in my chart yet many many blessed virgins as friends. They teach me and save me and inspire me through their brilliant example. Beholden to none, well organised and totally fuqing grounded. It is sweet panacea. In truth, tis a superpower so very many of us humans miss or skip, but it pays handsomely.

That said, herewith the plus side of this mad season. My list (ish) of the spectacular benefits of eclipsia, whether we asked for them or not. Because we didn’t and yet here we be.

You are being moved.
This is a win because whether you like it or not, are comfortable and happy with it or not, your previous position was untenable. Yes. It was. Get deeply painfully honest with yourself to work out why and go from there.

You are uncomfortable in the movement.
We learn nothing from comfort. We require sandpaper and thorns and frustration and resistance and grief to impel us from stasis. We’re not here to pose. We’re here to grow.

Everything is out of control.
We are all recovering control freaks, desperate to escape the delusion that we’re all over everything and everyone all the time. Seems ridiculous when you read it in black and white. It is spectacularly implausible even as it remains the Koolaid our oh so post modern society is built on. Use the cautionary tale that is our baseline perspective to speak truth to bullshit.

If we’re speaking truth to stuff, best we address power. Eclipses force you into your personal power or more horrifyingly, your resistance to it. How you give it away. How you barter it. How you claim or deny it. All fund the elevated end goal.

Fifthly. Finally. Most Important Of All.
You’re not here to get something back.

Eclipsia doesn’t give two fuqs about our current – and deeply flawed – capitalist imperative. And why should it?

If how you live or act or love or create is built on notions of return, Lady Eclipse is here to lift you beyond that. She will force you, repeatedly and yes sometimes brutally, back to yourself. Your why. Your how. Your because. She will challenge the crust you’ve built around the truth of it and applaud when you begin chipping away at it. Then she’ll help and work faster to get the job done.

She will expect your gratitude but knows she will have to wait for it. Six months or nineteen years. Choose for both of you.

So can you mainline her gifts?
This is the gratitude list.
To be oh so grateful for right now. No matter what.

Muse on this we must.

Classic image from The Big Lebowski
Whole bunch of Rules To Live By contained therein.
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018