Lifesmithing Eclipsia

White knuckling it through eclipsia we may be. Sure, she’s been an addled ride of late. But even as we are jolted by every bump and lurch, our gaze is being undeniably shifted. This is Lady Eclipse’s raison d’etre. She moves us along the path of our life, node to node, season to season, ready willing or not.

Eclipses ask a lot of us. They test our mettle and command our courage. They poke us in our stale spots and tickle our fears. They require us to submit to change and surrender our reticence. They do not tolerate our bleating attachments or delusional excusing. They stay on task, on time and remain not negotiable.

In this shaky and unfamiliar liminal space, our all too human tendency to abhor discomfort can prevent us from making necessary change. Our growing tip is always tender, our broken hopes even moreso. But this time between behemoths is built on spinning our heads from past to future, from slammed doors to open windows, from sorrow to fresh hope.

Not every twist or turn is disaster; likely not most of them. We’re just not there yet. In the midst of chaos the ultimate superpower is to just roll with it: tumble we must. Eclipses require us to lifesmith the changes in real time, to fold them into our vast histories and sanction them to propel us onward.

Align yourself to this imperative. Allow plans to change, even moreso this deep in retrogrades and revisions. Expect it. Let shift your focus, your idea of what’s most important, the refreshed centres of your world. Grant your watering eyes permission to fall gratefully upon the new, even if is just a wee shimmer on the rippling horizon. Soon enough it will be your new shore. Make ready.

Brilliant timely snap by Jez captioned “sometimes the universe sends you a not so subtle message”. Indeedy.

Tarot on offer throughout this mad season, darklings. Clarity, insight and grounding guaranteed. If the cards are screaming your name, yell in my general direction 😘

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018