Post Eclipsia Feels

Post eclipsia feels often manifest as a deep desire to run for the hills. The stomach churning wild ride that is eclipsia is always equal parts lifechanging and crazymaking and we’re not done yet. Two down, one to go.

What do we know for sure? Not nearly everything. Not yet. Life looks vastly different than it did a month ago. Lady Eclipse has kissed your mere existence goodbye and forced your hand, your hammering heart. The sun and moon’s dance of destruction always puts paid to stupid useless illusions everywhere, once and for all. Our lunar eclipse – she who steals what is outworn, overcooked or untenable from blocking our life path – is bookended by two solar eclipses. So to move us from old to new.

In the waning phase between, there is great work to do but do not hurry yourself. Recovery is a balm worth applying to every little nick or crack, not just the gaping flesh. Pick thyself up, darkling. Gently does it. Suture wounds, cry buckets, reorganise. Move from wobbling to a resigned steadiness as the moon slowly hides her face. Accept the cards dealt even if you don’t show your hand yet. Take whatever steps are required to evenly plant your feet so you can begin again. Softly. Slowly. Carefully.

What comes next is completely a function of how low you bow to the process of eclipsia. Your blame offers you nothing. If you remain raging you’re doing it wrong and wasting precious energy steaming. Submit to your current trajectory. Play your part. Trust the fates at play. Allow ease and grace to rush towards you as you begin to acclimatise.

From here you rise. Over the months to come you will stretch into your new form and begin to inhabit it. Note well how what is now gone wasn’t working. Not for ages, possibly never. Teach yourself why and give it the burial it deserves. This is how we honour what once was. Gently accept your lessons and fold them tenderly into your bleeding heart.

See how what fills that yawning gap is more beautifully you. Claim the time and space you have now. Do wild wonderful things with it. Mainline your intuitive guidance. Walk on even if you cannot yet see where the tracks may lead.

Above all else, trust the path of your life. It knows the way.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018
Photo taken by my friend Kate last weekend in the Warrumbungles