Astrofuquery : Mars Up Uranus Again

With so much going on during eclipsia as she continues to ramp to her bloody peak, it would be remiss of me not to give you a heads up on the defcon five shit stirrer that is the Mars Uranus square. This is next level astrofuquery, darklings and no doubt already striking your world.

A starring aspect in this weekend’s blood moon eclipse in Aquaria, Mars’ retrograde here already has him hamstrung and out of sorts. His discomfort is dangerously smoky, especially in the hands of known offenders.

Uranus, all trumpets and lightning fairly freshly in Taurus, is lording his mighty girth over our lives and making anything less than total revolution feel pissweak. As though eclipsia isn’t forcing our hands enough.

It is this face off that is firing up and electrifying an already tense playing field. Our giant awakener and ruler of Aquaria is built on What The Fuq as his baseline. But mere days after the eclipse, Uranus too turns retrograde. In typical Uranian fashion this only magnifies his power as the changemaker in our cosmos. Insert quivering eye roll here.

This aspect with Mars is a fertile hotbed for argument and vitriol – and there are some things you can’t ever take back. Watch our all too human tendency to lash out when unsteady or to blame anyone (everyone) else. No matter whose feet you place your pot o’ shit at, it remains your unholy vessel.

Firestorms such as this can be galvanising if you can harness their power without it burning you – and everything else – to the ground. Use it if you dare to bolster your courage and forge your brave baby steps in the right direction. Direct the lightning rod to the change that lives in you, unbidden and ever under your control.

And in the face of shocking strikes or an out of control inferno, seek shelter from the firestorm. Protect yourself and ensure your safety. Sometimes the strongest stance we can take is our silence.

Courage is fire and bullying is smoke
~ Benjamin Disraeli

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018