Operate Your Own Eclipse Machinery

Eclipse seasons should come with a similarly succinct warning but even with all possible due diligence, this mad season oft gets the best of us.

If everyone or everything is feeling chaotic, unsteady or simmering as though about to boil over, remember this sandpaper is how we (all) transform. Not one of us is immune.

We know eclipses to be periods of change, often unanticipated or blindsiding in their rigidity and largely unsettling until they become us. Eclipsia is rife with danger as much as it is simultaneously ripe with possibility.

Ancient astrological lore speaks to our journey from the dragon’s tail (south node of the moon) to the dragon’s head (north node of the moon). These nodal points are pinged by eclipses due to the rare and beautiful alignment of earth, sun and moon. The tail is our past – where we have come from, what we think we know, the way the stage was set when we made our grand entrance. The head is where we are moving towards, a journey our soul has the map to and constantly seeks out. That space in between? This is your life.

All too often we sidestep our evolution by remaining too stuck in our ways, defined by our past, attached and unwilling to let go. Eclipsia is having none of that shit. It will hassle you, hussle you, force your hand. Everyone else’s too. They ensure forward motion by unmercifully severing your umbilicus and leave you to learn how to survive without it. They facilitate verdant growth but you are unlikely to be feeling that as much as the pruning at this stage of the game. And so we keep letting go, relinquishing old habits, making space in our brave new world.

Not everyone is across this. Many will be Chicken Little-ing through your world, angry at everything going wrong, blaming whomever they think they can and secretly terrified by the downturn. Flat earthers are certain they’re too close to a deadly tipping point. The muggles are losing their tiny minds.

Just keep your hand on the lever and trust the course you are on. Don’t let anyone else operate your machinery. Always remember that your evolution is an inside job that requires your ardent participation. No matter what.

Art uncredited but brilliant
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018