The Merc Rx Ripple

Did you feel the ripple in the matrix today, darklings? Hours ago Mercury turning retrograde added to the strange addled atmosphere of eclipsia, his stationing ramping the infuriation or confusion that has been the perplexing hallmark of this week.

Well you all know my aversion to the pop astro hysteria that is oft attached to this very regular transit. No you may not blame Uncle Merc’s merry backwards dance for everything that goes awry, astray or tits up. Retrogrades aren’t out to get you.

Rather, Mercury’s rx through Leo asks us to review our communications through the lens of noble leadership and heartfelt authenticity. Its standard first week mayhem – even as it pales in the face of Lady Eclipse – will undoubtedly show you where you can begin your revision.

Astrological lore teaches us not to sign contracts nor commit to anything too big or bold because you never end up where you started under such skies. Just add eclipsia and times by eleventy billion. And honestly, hands up who wants to stay put precisely where you find yourself right now. Anyone? Bueller?

These transits are always a creative boon, this formless energy the ultimate cauldron space. Wonderful for editing and reworking, if you know anyone writing a book *cough*. Listen intently for the muse. Mainline inspiration as it helps to keep eclipse based panic at bay. Allow things to percolate and shift.

Above all else, be impeccable with your word. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Quadruple check details. No fast fingered missives or sniping keyboard attacks, even moreso with Mars retrograde too. Cross your fingers that the flailing muggles get the message but anticipate the opposite. Bless ’em, they’re doing it tough.

Time to dial your roaring down to the whisper of whiskers. Listen more than you speak. Wait it out, diving instead into creative space. Spend the next three weeks pretending this is happening for you not to you.

And so it will be.

Art via @frankmoth
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018