Ratcheting Eclipsia

As eclipsia rachets its imperative to transform us and we feel the tightening and increasing pressure, there is really just one very peculiar mechanism at work.

I have often likened eclipsia to the agitation cycle of a washing machine, its repeated spin and slam, spin and slam. The end result is sparkling and fresh but the process is bruising as we are brutally compelled to let the grime lift.

If you are attached to your stubborn stains, trying to cultivate the whirlpool without hitting the sides or fighting the process, you will end up in knots. Or drown. At which point the cosmos will still keep you spinning and agitated. It has all the time in the world. Us? Not so much.

Einstein teaches that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. What if you chose to view your current discomfort or problem as an opportunity rather than a crisis? A teacher rather than a garden variety asshat? A chance to Try Another Way.

It’s revolutionary but then, so are eclipses.

Mars wants you to reconsider your flaming reactions. Mercury is about to jam comms so you can rework yours to be more authentic. The outer planets are interested in nothing less than a rewrite from here, particularly our cosmic changemaker Uranus with a sandpapery starring role in this weekend’s blood moon eclipse.

All of this can only happen from the inside out. You can get with the program and try another way, perhaps even the opposite of what you would normally do. Hell, these are crazy times and the revolutionary road less travelled is calling loudly. Or you can bolt down Same Old Street only to find it’s a total dead end.

Don’t you be thinking for a second this isn’t a conscious choice. It unequivocally is. Those are your hands white knuckling the wheel, darklings.

Like it or not, Lady Eclipsia is pulling back the curtain on your same old shit and it stinks. Herewith your chance to clean it up. Use it or lose it. The reward is undeniably greater than the risk.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018