No More Crabbing

Hands up those more than ready to watch the arse end of Cancer season tip off the horizon? As we move into Leo today, it is worth mining the pearls of wisdom found only at the bottom of the sea.

Beyond a mere mid-year sook fest, Cancer plunges us deep into all of the feels *sniff* and heightens our sensitivity. To everything and everyone, which means you cannot ignore anything or anyone that feels off. Magnify by eleventy million during eclipse season. All that you have outgrown can no longer be ignored.

It too turns our attention inward, to home and family and thus to our foundations, in every sense. And with eclipsia already well and truly shaking us to our core, any faults lines in our belonging may well have been exposed.

It is an unassailable fact that you cannot mainline your intuition while ignoring your feelings. This is why the water signs often hold the keys to our intuitive kingdom. When plunged into the depths, we drown if we don’t teach ourselves to swim. Look well to what your intuition has been fairly screaming at you for the past month. Ignore at your peril.

The Cancerian crab shows us our hard shell and soft underbelly alike. How you brace and what makes you feel exposed. How your vulnerability is at once a risk and a reward. Reminds us of our ability to regenerate lost limbs and continue to thrive beyond our injuries. Teaches us how to let ourselves be moved by the tides of our life.

As we stride into the lion’s den aflame, best tuck what you have learned into the pocket over your heart. You’re going to need it.

Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018