Lion Season

Though you may be feeling slightly less than radiant, our season in the Leo sun is here. Now may we begin to stride purposefully through eclipsia on the hunt for sovereignty and our new kingdom.

Behind the door to the lion’s mansion is a standing invitation to reach deep into your creative heart. Leo is governed by the sun, centre of our cosmos, and rules the heart, the generative centrepoint of our existence in this life. We die if either ceases to burn or beat. We wither if either is clouded for too long.

The sun joins a stellar cast already on Leo’s main stage. Portent of our destiny and the future we mapped for ourselves the moment we were born, the North Node has been aching for us to get our heart and head aligned with the program. Mercury here encourages us to inhabit our roar, distinct as it is from the din of the jungle. This is the call of the wild within that commands your personal sovereignty.

We still have a month (and two more eclipses and multiple retrogrades and untold eye rolling) through which to pace our prowling. Under such mighty skies the cards played must be unequivocally yours. Seek an unadulterated authenticity driven only by the ferocious engine that is your hummingbird heart.

The lair of the lion is no place for haters, imitators or faux anything, darkling. Do You and You only. Forego comparison for a toss of your mane. Shun autocracy for those who will truly gently deeply hold your heart in their hands. Reject ignoble gestures for regal statements that best reflect your true intention.

This day always brings with it a sizzling blast of optimism, a sceptre brimming with chutzpah, a flaming blast of noble intention. Above all else, it fires a very real willingness to stare deep into both your power and potential. And as we well know, this year has been built on evolution baby.

Welcome to the jungle. Time to claim your crown.

Image of Aslan, Leonic spirit animal.
Words © Kerrie Basha, 2018