Planting Ritual for the New Moon

Acquire all that you will need for your new moon ritual during the dark moon. You will require seeds or seedlings, a pot to plant in or a well-nourished garden bed and a fully cleared amethyst crystal. Ideally purchase a new amethyst and bathe it in salt water to clear any residue from its travels to you.

Think carefully about what it is you will be seeding this new moon. Ideally source plants or herbs whose energy in magic and ritual is aligned to your goals and desires. If it is for love, plant a rose. If it is for money or prosperity, plant basil. If it is for your business, choose a plant that represents it either in colour or style. Use your imagination and your common sense (no point planting something that doesn’t suit your climate or the time of year). You can plant seeds if your new moon goals are brand spanking. Alternatively you can plant seedlings if you are continuing to grow something already planted in your life.

Prepare as usual for ritual. Ensure your space is as clean and clear as possible and you will be undisturbed. This ritual is most powerful at the moment of the new moon. If this is not possible, as soon as practicable afterwards. If you do this before the new moon, you are still in the relinquishing energy of the dark moon, which will not work.

Be very clear. In the simplest of terms, know what you are seeding. Don’t be greedy, there are lots more new moons to come. Over-complication or too many goals all at once will confuse the magic.

Taking the seeds or seedling in your hands, ask to work in tandem with this plant. Think of it as your ally and friend. Place the amethyst crystal next to it on your hands. Whisper your dreams and desires fervently into both, allowing your breath to be felt upon them.

Dig a hole in your garden for planting or half fill the pot you are using. Place the amethyst crystal into this space. Sprinkle soil over it and as you do make a dedicated commitment to do the work required to bring your goals to fruition. Magic is a doing word and no spell works without your participation in the process.

Add the seeds or seedlings, gently settling them into the soil as you visualise your desired outcome. Ensure your vision includes all the senses: how it will feel and look and taste and smell and how big your smile will be when you reach that goal. Water your seeds well and ensure they are placed where they will receive maximum light and protection and nurturing.

So may it be.

Ritual c. Kerrie Basha, 2018. Terrible karma to steal magic, more than welcome to use it.

    1. The rituals for the new moon work best at the moment itself but I think intention is everything! The energy of the new moon depends how long it is new for before it goes void, which changes month to month. Earth sign moons are particularly potent when combined with this ritual.

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