New Moon Eclipse : Here We Go

The magic of eclipsia, our season of transformation, is peculiar and profound. These portals move us through our lives, rattle our cages, expel the stale and court the new. They echo the past and herald the future all at once and their calling card is change, writ large. The first of three, today’s new moon in Cancer eclipses the sun. So too may we gingerly begin to walk this path of eclipsing ourselves.

Cancer is the sign of the mother and pulls our attention to home, whence we came and where we return to rest and regenerate. The fathomless waters of Cancer are deeply felt, a clarion call to the divine feminine in us all. She who nourishes and nurtures her world. She who weeps for its desecration and disrespect. She who intuits the turn away from old ways that defile and exploit. She who cultivates kinship, the balm of family, the security and safety of a place to call home.

Her shadow is the malnourished and orphaned aspects of our world, of ourselves. Our refugee crisis worldwide, the staggering lack of compassion for the homeless and motherless, the wanton pillaging of our only home here on earth and the disrespect of her ancient sacred gifts.

The tide is turning, the new moon pulling us deeply into our heartspace. It is here we must each begin, coming home to ourselves first. Midwifing and mothering what we birth into the world, nourishing our soulself nurturing our growing tip unconditionally, eclipsing the ways and means that no longer serve us or the world we call home.

Care and compassion begins at home and starts with ourselves. Sink deeply into the balming waters and everloving arms of the great mother. This perfect new beginning and foundation for the eclipsing yet to unfold. Gently. Kindly. Softly does it.

Art by @cosmiccollage
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018