Ritual to Cut Cords

All too often we still feel tethered to the energy of something or someone. Yet we know intuitively that it no longer serves us and that it is time to move on. Cord cutting rituals are a wonderful way to energetically sever a connection. Best performed as a meditation in ritual space, they remain a highly instructive tool that demonstrates to us precisely where we are at with the process of moving on.

In this case, we will be supercharging the ritual with the power of the dark moon. We see a disappearance and re-emergence of the moon, a symbolic death and rebirth. This is the energy we will be working with, consciously courting the death of our attachment and allowing space for the new to birth in its place. This ritual works well in the balsamic phase, right before the moon is new.

Ground and protect yourself. Call in any guides or higher beings that you would like present with you, both to bear witness and to hold you safe. Don’t skip these steps. Visualise yourself standing opposite the other person. You do not need to engage with them in any way. Ask to be shown the nature of the cord that binds you.

Pay particular attention to the following without controlling the outcome – you are merely watching this unfold:

  • What the cord is made of, how thick it is and any distinguishing features
  • Where the cord attaches to your body (this may be in more than one place)
  • How tightly the cord binds you to the other (both the distance and the pull)
  • How you feel when you see it

Ask to be given a tool to cut through the cord. Marvel at the creative solutions that your mind conjures. Use the tool to begin to cut through the cord. Pay particular attention as before to the following:

  • How easy or difficult it is to cut through the cord
  • Any resistance in you to finally severing this tie
  • The emotions that swell as you cut through
  • Any barriers – artificial or otherwise – to the successful severing

Once the cord has been cut, drop the cutting tool and turn your back, taking three deliberate steps away. At this time if any flailing cord remains attached to you, ask for it to be gently removed and watch it fall away without pain. Leave it on the ground where it falls, turn and slowly walk away. Allow yourself to gently return to the real world.

If you have not been able to sever the cord, do not be despondent or judge yourself for it. You are being gifted information about your letting go process and how it plays out in the mundane world. You can ask to be shown through visioning or dreaming what it is that ultimately prevents you from cutting the cord.

Hint: it is nothing outside of yourself.

Cord cutting meditations often need to be repeated. Like vitamins or therapy, they are rarely a one shot deal. If it doesn’t work or stick the first time, don’t give up. Notice what prevented its success and use that valuable information to strengthen the next ritual attempt.

Ritual c. Kerrie Basha, 2018 | Art via Mystic Mamma