Eclipse Ritual and Spellcraft : Yes or Hell No?

There are two distinct schools of thought about eclipse ritual. Some see it as supercharged and thus supremely powerful. True enough. Some know the energy to be erratic and unusual and thus the outcomes are never precisely as we envision them. True again. Given that intention is everything when it comes to ritual and spellcrafting, how you feel about these energies plays an important role.

Eclipse magic will require you to suspend your attachment to a fixed outcome and leave space for the uncontrollable nature of the cosmos. A tall order for recovering control freaks everywhere. Eclipses are multilayered tricky little cosmic beasts whose own effects ripples months and years in various directions, making them supremely difficult to control or predict.

Approach eclipse ritual with healthy caution and glittering eyes peeled. Choose all your thoughts and words carefully in ritual space. Prepare thoroughly and mindfully. If it doesn’t feel right, you don’t feel ready or your intuition is screaming, for the love of Endora listen! You and you alone are responsible for your magic.

A handy note for L plate witches and novice ritualistas: the threefold rule always applies. No exceptions. What you cast out into the multiverse will be returned to you threefold. Let this be the basis of your magical life.