Three Days of Darkness :: The Shame Game

As the second part of this series designed to prepare you for eclipse season by relinquishing another chunk of thy shadowy shit, today we peer at our shame.

Oh the dark weed that takes root within us and demands we hide ourselves beneath it. Shame springs from where we have been marginalised, taunted or degraded simply for who or how we are. It does not take hold because there is something inherently wrong with us.

Rather we have been schooled by others in the parts of Self best hidden away, unaccepted before they had found their rightful place within us, never allowed to find their truest expression in our lives. A gentle reminder at this point to back away from the blame button. Fingers down, darklings. This is ALL about you.

Shame fills the gap between who we want (or are told) to be and where we find ourselves. It is this vast unwieldy abyss that we cloak ourselves in. Shame coils deep inside our idea of how we are perceived by the world, especially if we have experienced it as a cold or judgemental, forbidding or dangerous place. For some shame is intrinsically linked to trauma, that we will only be seen in the context of what happened to us, so we hide that away too.

Shame is either adding a dark unresolved weight to your shadow self or blocking your light. So riddle me this darklings, today’s thinking points to scrawl through and keep for the dark moon. And again: if any answers veer towards blame, redo yesterday’s homework.

What parts of myself do I keep hiddden?
Why do I keep them hidden?

What am I ashamed of in my life?
Why am I ashamed of this?

What am I ashamed of in myself?
Why am I ashamed of this?

What do I think of myself?

How do I talk to myself?

Our secret shames remain the trigger in us (and others) and a slippery sucker to spot. Remember who you were before its claws grabbed hold. Remind yourself of how far you have come since then, not how far you think you still have to go. Repeat daily, for the rest of your life or until symptoms subside.

Shame is the lie someone told you about yourself
~ Anais Nin

Art via @hheinge
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018