Three Days of Darkness :: The Blame Game

The dark moon is the best time, every single month in a row, to clear the decks and make space for What Comes Next. And there is nothing that tethers us quite as effectively to the past than the blame game.

Childish, pointless and disempowering in the extreme, blaming others for where you find yourself now is spectacularly unhelpful, whether it is true ornot. It actually doesn’t matter simply because perpetually apportioning blame doesn’t help you move on. Rather, it holds you stuck, bitter and resentful.

Blame shuts people down and out. Its finger pointing smokescreen alerts all about you to your inability to own your choices and their consequences as well as your staggering lack of personal responsibility for your own healing. A vile cocktail if ever there was one.

Blame creates so much extra noise around any issue. It is this vengeful mind chatter that cuts your learning off at the knees and keeps you planted on yours, worshipping blindly at the altar of mistakes.

More than anything else, blame continues to disempower you and halts forward progress. And with Pluto starring in opposition to our first transformational new moon eclipse this week, exorcising anything that weakens or topples our personal power structure is key.

So who do you blame?
What do you blame them for?
How or why is your situation their fault?
Where are you in all of this?
What happened to your personal power?

Ask yourself these questions and madly scribble your answers. Dark moon scribbling always reveals the rot, especially when it is just you, a pen and paper. Trace your wonkiest cause and effects. Yes for anyone and everyone you blame, from then until now. Note well how blaming people halts accountability across the board. Yours. Theirs. Ours.

And then, in a revolutionary act of defiance, stop blaming yourself. Make a new list of all the things you blame yourself for. All of it. Every bad decision or crippling misstep.

Eclipse season is built on change and blame holds you blind to its imperative. At the conclusion of the dark moon phase on Thursday/Friday, we will be relinquishing the bejeezus out of this shit. But first we trawl its stinking depths for pearls, darklings.

Muse on this you must.
Think hard. Be honest. Write it down.

Image via Google (if you know the artist please let me know)
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018