Chiron Backs The Truck Up

Our next cab off the retrograde rank is weepy wunderkind Chiron, emblem of our overcoming. Oh yes he bloody is. Enough with the wounded healer victim consciousness and the kind of stinking thinking and gross poor me-ing that keeps you tethered to your greatest wounds. Chiron endured despite the poison arrow in his side and so will you, darkling.

This mad season Chiron retrogrades through Aries, the home of I Am in the zodiac. And let’s face it, tis hard to hammer thy chest and gently weep at the same time, n’est ce pas? Aries is genesis, initiation, the starting point and as Chiron backs the truck up here, so too must we peer backwards to our starting point, so to better understand precisely where we find ourselves today.

If we really want to drill down to what made us, we cannot sidestep our childhood. It is in these nostalgic folds we find our formative moments, the experiences that shaped us and our worldview. You cannot do any exploration of your shadow or heal most any malaise therein without dancing with your inner child.

Handy tip for new players: blame is a black hole and retribution is a red herring. These are your wounds to do what you can with, sans finger pointing or vengeance. Focus on your healing, so that you may instead pay that forward.

Chiron’s retrograde invites us to knock the scab off those wee mercurochrome knees. In so doing may we once and for bloody all get over it and get on with it.

For those fascinated in the mythology and methodoly of all things Chironic, search Chiron here on the blog. Plenty to sink your choppers into there.

Art: Minerva and the Centaur by Botticelli
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018