Eclipse Heads Up

Righto darklings, it is time to stand your collars up and steel thyselves for Eclipse Season. Consider it ON and writ large from now as we stare down three changemakers coming at us hard and fast over the next six weeks.

And you thought two was lifechanging.

The players are beginning to take their places. Mars is retrograding all over our relationship to anger (and her cousins fury and rage) passion and our desire nature in Aquaria. Insert melodramatic eye roll here, particularly if you have been on the receiving end of flailing muggles not coping with the fire under their arses. Let them burn unassisted and do your best not to get singed as they charge about aflame.

Mercury has recently strode into Leo, emboldening our voice and honing our creative vision. Here he prepares for his retrograde – yes, during eclipse season too – where his redirection will exert a serious influence on our personal revolution.

Let us not forget that Uncle Merc’s grand arrival into the lioness’ lair stands him shoulder to shoulder with the North Node, portent and path to our future. This is ground zero during eclipsia. Set your glittering eyes and snapping mind to What Comes Next. Stay watchful for the muses that will enchant and inspire you and your creative dreams.

If there’s a secret to this rollercoaster, this time around it is to observe and continually cross examine MOTIVE. Yours. Theirs. Ours. Why we do what we do and what we hope to achieve. It is worth getting really real with yours, now if not sooner. Ulterior anything is not gonna fly once the dust settles in September.

Call out anything – or anyone – that seeks other than what it so loudly proclaims and trust your intuition implicitly. If you smell a rat, don’t waste time looking for it or bothering with traps. That energy is better spent focusing wholly on the good hard work of your own evolution. And for that darklings, you will be rewarded.

Trumpets please and mane tossing on the hour. Eclipsia is here and she has you in her sights. Get ready to rumble.

Image of Joan Collins as Alexis in Dynasty, our Merc in Leo spirit animal.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018