Higher Ground? Anyone?

In the ratcheting hours before the full moon exacts, the compression and restriction that accompanies this Saturnine peak will be felt more strongly. Hang in there. Just the moon doing its good work darklings, pushing us to make change.

The antidote to Saturn is ever the disciplined approach. He demands your respect. He sees it through your good work, your dedication and most of all your boundaries. They are not a semi-permeable membrane. Make them firm and clear. And then stand as firm and clear in your respect of others, just as tough as finding it in yourself.

Mars barely retrograde is testing our anger and our ability to use it for a greater good: ours and hopefully theirs. In writing about the stolen children jailed on American borders and the efforts now starting to reunite them with family Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, “thank you for your kind hearts and your ferocious anger”. Our worlds gone mad require both and it is up to each of us to balance the two within us.

This full moon is one for getting grounded. Standing your ground. Getting your feet on the ground. Seeking and finding higher ground. Going to ground. You may have to show up to the gunfight yet but you can do so armed with more than just your weapons.

Gonna keep on trying
Till I reach my highest ground
~ Stevie Wonder

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018