Astrofuquery :: Mars Stationing

Our warrior planet Mars has been slamming on the brakes in Aquaria and is stationing as we speak to turn retrograde. His rx will take us through eclipse season and throb beneath it all until September.

Mars retrograde comes with a giant warning sign: Do Not Pick A Fight. Yes even if you’re right and noble and doing it for [insert worthy cause here]. Aside from warmongering being a particularly poor use of your passion, astrological lore teaches us that winning is unlikely or unfeasible while the potential for lasting loss or damage is huge. This goes double for men and exponentially for dinosaurs with dicks, who likely can’t help themselves and don’t traditionally listen to the witches that whisper warning in their hairy ears.

Our fiesty little cosmic firecracker retrogrades every two years and two months, his orbit meaning that he most often backs his flaming truck up in signs other than Aquaria. Not only is he challenged by the airy tangents but his aggression is fuelled by the cosmic winds that blow here, in every sense. He hasn’t had to wrestle with retrograde in the water bearer’s mansion since 1971.

As he stations today, the atmosphere is supercharged with niggle and snark. Your boiling point has been lowered as the hotplate warms up. Your anger repressed and rage misdirected or internalised is being bubbled up. So too is everyone else’s, as we each prowl our perimeters growling with the full moon on the rise.

Avoid known flamethrowers and button pushers like the plague they are. Stay out of the fray and on the down low. Try to avoid roaring or charging and do not, I repeat, do not declare war. Fingers off the trigger, darklings. You have been warned.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
Know thy self, know thy enemy.
A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

~ Sun Tsu, The Art of War (and our Mars rx spirit animal)

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018