A Better Strategy

As far as astrofuquery strategies go, let me begin by saying this is not one of them, gloriously illustrated by @thecountryclairvoyant and his post this morn on Instaglam. More than worth the price of admission, darklings.

My old boss used to remark that the problem with having your head stuck up your arse* is that only one of your senses is working. Yes, wisdom of dinosaurs but a salient observation nonetheless. As we chewed over yesterday and the day before that on this page, April is built on revisiting old scenarios or past mistakes whilst being agitated and niggled on most fronts. Yes all at once. Although devastatingly tempting, we all know that the ostrich approach doesn’t fly. It contributes precisely nothing to our evolution.

With a cosmos hankering for us to learn / move / grow (because how the fuq else to wrestle the wheel from the dodos with dicks still driving most of the buses) life is coming at us FAST. Nothing is done lite. Every errything is pinging our deep old core stuff: the murkiest of our shadow, the fault lines in our relationships, all that has no place in our brave new world.

Highly challenging. Tough to swallow. Hard to take. All the bloody euphemisms for a starry shit soup. Accepting this is your ticket out of the fray.

Our growing tip is fed by personal responsibility and protected by firm clear boundaries. Know what is theirs and what is yours to untangle. Our compass is our intuition, no matter what the me! me! me!’s have to whine about it. The opposite of empathy is narcissism: choose. Our practice – whether breathwork or boxing – strengthens our connection to our internal GPS and quiets down the mental gabbling that all too easily drowns it out.

Days / weeks / months like this force us into our corners. Here may we do our best work, solo and sans fanfare. If you’re digging and diving, ducking or swinging, you’re doing it wrong.

The trick of the shadow is to see the reflection not the projection. To realise it’s not them *gulp* it’s you. To run towards not away so it gets smaller and less scary. To know we all make mistakes but once you know better you do better. This is your responsibility and yours alone.

Best be putting your hand up rather than your arse*.

* translate from Strayan to “ass” in Merican

Picture via @thecountryclairvoyant
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018