The Mercing: Cheat Sheet

In the spirit of Mercury retrograde, we’re going to do a quick revision on his masterful magic so that when he squares Saturn and Mars today we don’t all drop our bundles (again) or get booted hard in the nostalgias.

We get Merc’d for three weeks four times a year. The stationing points that bookend the transit tend to be the days highest on the cosmic fuquery scale. The shadow zone is another two-ish weeks either side. In short and if you let it, retrograde hysteria can decimate a third of your year or more, in which case you are doing it wrong.

The Mercing is magic but not in the way we like, where cause and effect are neatly linked. Straight off the bat it reminds us that control is a delusion. Its eye raising fuq-ups re-route us. The accidental reveals teach us more. The loss of data often resets us. Merc rx is the thief who steals what we won’t relinquish with a wink. Our revisionist schoolmaster who knows that those who refuse to remember their history are condemned to repeat it. All the re- words are his domain.

This transit brings up The Past, our loose ends and unfinished business. Not to haunt you. Not to taunt you. To encourage you to tie a neat bow and for the love of Elizabeth Taylor, move on. Anticipate having to rifle through your ex files, in all possible spheres.

The Mercing is the astrosignature for the highly creative. Cultivate tangential ideas flow and new concepts falling from the stars. Take your time with their gestation because the Mercing is too a pause button, not a launch button.

Today’s square dance does make for befuddled comms, tech snafu and misfires. You have been warned. Today is not the day for proclamations. It prods our boundaries and may tickle our temper too. Beware of unsolicited ranting or vile stream of consciousness grouching. Avoid or defer. Don’t put it in writing or set it in stone or sign on the dotted line. It won’t stick in its current form.

Under Saggi moonbeams keep a sharp eye out for The Truth, stranger than friction and infinitely more powerful. We will be back to revisit what we discover today in late April and May before the process completes. But for now? Lips zipped and eyes peeled, darklings.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018