The April Antidote

Let’s just get one thing straight and take the bleating right out of it. April is a pressure cooker designed to get you hot under the collar.

Whether you are fighting Mercury’s magic retrograde (he’s really just trying to slow things down) Mars agitating for change yesterday (he’s galvanising your fight but you are supposed to be staring down your own demons) or Saturn’s get thy shit solidly together imperative, it all feels… what’s the word… a little bit fuqed. And we’re not nearly through it, are we Pluto / Lilith / Uranus / Chiron.

Not all days are diamonds, darklings.

Bubbling beneath the snap, crackle and pop is a universal push to evolve. To stop pleasing the capitalist creatura and craft your life your style. To get out of your own way in so doing. To turn and face the thorns that have always been wedged within. To alchemise that shit into gold. To allow anything – or anyone – in the way of your holy destination this life to slip gracefully behind you.

And yes, the hideous amalgam of this cosmic mood du jour may well look like the worst cocktail ever. Loss. Confusion. Panic. Anxiety. Grief. Pain. Revisited trauma. Tears upon teeth upon tears. With a twist.

This is big picture long playing eye on the prize astrology that only works its magic if it shakes you to the core. We rarely make epic enduring change from our comfort zones.

Will you allow it? Can you stay the course?

You can. Even if everything is shaky and changing and freaking the shit out of you. You are your only compass – and in truth you always have been. Your inner GPS is the only tech worth investing in. Your intuition has your best next step to offer and has the whole map in its hands.

Evolution is not a function of survival. It is hinged on those who best adjust to change and then thrive within it. Those willing to take their life firmly in their hands and roll with whatever the world throws at them.

So let it simmer and gurgle and choke. Watch. Feel into it and move with it. Take your eye off the horizon and contract your focus to the fulcrum on which you wobble.

Balance is a moving target. Allowing is a state of grace. Trust your compass to hold you up. It will if you let it.

Illustration by Cam Cardow
Words C. Kerrie Basha, 2018