The Ides of April

All at once a witchling again with oh so much to master. April is built on constant incremental change as we continue to morph, testing our inbuilt flux capacity to moderate the transition. Quite an ask we are making of ourselves as we push boundaries and the limits of our knowledge. Daily if not more often.

Nothing is set: not the old, not the new. There are no U turns on offer although looking back is not outlawed under retrograde skies. There is precious little to indicate that we are nearly there but much to suggest we are boobs deep in the process. And so here we find ourselves: so far beyond Once Was as we circle towards Will Be with nary a new horizon in clear sight.

Our constant becoming is an evolutionary process that requires us to grow and change. Not consistently. Often unsteadily. We must discard any rotting stasis that holds us fixed as a brave new world stirs about us. Within us. More than that we too must permit the world – and those who populate ours – to do the same. Some of our sweetest will abandon us for their own good reasons. Those who could be counted upon will let us down as they too flail or flout perfection. Some will cope in the only harmful way they know how. Life is these inherent growing pains, that we bear as part of ours.

The truly gifted simply allow, directing their energy wisely. Only the novice or the narcissist seeks power through control. The brightest young sparks flying know that life is built on cycles of death and rebirth as we begin again and anew and once more.

Surrender isn’t always a white flag. Trust the magic of transition as the hallowed portal it is and hinge your life on its graces. April has plans to show you how.

Image of Everly practicing her magic.
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018