Track to the Moon

After a wild and woolly week, well may we be craving respite. Lunging for the pause button and hankering to leap off, up and away from it all. Yet our carriage lurches and thunders towards the full moon.

The Libran peak can be a soothing balm to the me! me! me! of Aries season. Her hallmarks are diplomacy and balance as she urges us to tip back the right way. She can light the path to reconciliation and pave the road to resolution if you can but bask in her gentle graces.

That’s if there is anything resembling grace going on right now. With testy squares to Mars and then Saturn this week, our sun king has been blasting Capricornia as down below we have struggled to keep peace, set boundaries and not completely lose our shit. If you can tick just one of those boxes, you’re doing okay. It is tough to excel every ratty day of the year, darklings. Nonetheless the week that was has set the stage for this weekend, built on crucifixion and redemption as she is.

The Aries / Libra axis is one that calls into question our relationships and our focus within them. We seek that unholy panacea that is the balance between me and we. Too much self focus dishonours the other: too little dishonours the self. Too much sacrifice beatifies the other: too little compromise rots the connection. We walk this tightrope every moment, tipping wildly one way then another.

The first week of Merc rx has undoubtedly scrambled comms. Let the bright lady balm those wounds as we each seek right balance, not just for our sweet addled self but for all those rattling along with us in our carriage.

Art: ‘Track to the Moon’ by Emily Stauring
Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018