The Triggering

You fondle my trigger then you blame my gun
~ Fiona Apple

Righto everyone, back in your corner of Meltdown City. Time out of the cray. Take a moment to stop, sigh deeply and sit the fuq down.

Yes the current astrofuquery / soup de jour is loaded. Brimming with the hairy potential to make us go off like a packet of crackers. The first week of Merc rx is often when what you / they say comes tumbling out in a rush and then inexplicably means the opposite – or is taken that way. Magnify this concept by everyone at cross purposes, feeling destabilised. Throw in belting solar flares as the sun also squares half our known offenders. The moon strutting about in Leo. Jupiter in reverse in Scorptopia hard tickling all our underbellies. Mars under your skin and Aries hankering for its brave new world order.

Tis a tough week in the cosmos. This gong show has been in play since last Thursday-ish and we are not nearly done yet.

As it customary when hot gusts of planetary energy hammer unsuspecting little old us, it seems that not a soul – except addled barely holding it together you – is doing precisely anything to manage their own shit. We are collectively marinating in a gross volume of emotional splattering and issue vomiting. It is seriously stinking up the winds of change.

If we drill down through self serving denial to the tectonics, what makes us roar is an unassailable fear of our own vulnerability. As soon as we feel exposed or undefended or weak. The minute the misunderstanding blows up into what the fuq. The nanosecond we morph from misunderstood, unheard or unseen to its unholy anxiety ridden unnatural conclusion.

So riddle me this, darklings.

Can you allow your vulnerability to show you your courage? Can you take your hand off the panic button? Can you remind yourself – on a minute by minute basis or as required – that this process is at play, not set, not nearly? In a multiverse well in flux with a fair way to go yet, this is best practice.

Change is uncomfortable. Patience is a long player. Evolution is the strongest survival instinct we have.

You always always always have a choice. Exercise this power. We all know there are alternatives to nuclear.

Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018
Currently soothed by Fiona Apple and Portishead. You can take the girl out of the 90s….