Aries Done Right

If you needed a million fabulous examples of the weekend’s agitating astrology engendering very real positive change, here it is. Here they all are and there’s plenty more where they came from. Kids forged by homegrown terror and trauma alchemising their pain into take no prisoners advocacy. They are reshaping their brave new world.

Aries may well be the baby of the zodiac but it is young and fearless, brash and bold. It appoints itself leader in the face of snoozing dinosaurs that had their chance. It is not yet cynical. It tries again and again because failure is not fatal to its flaming spirit. It believes in the singular power of I Am and continues to go directly for the jugular.

Astrofuquery is always a matter of perspective and knowledge, in order to put yourself on the right side of it. Whilst the tone deaf NRA and politicians on shaky perches are watching their unholy stranglehold on government flounder, the stars have aligned for our baby bravehearts.

Pluto niggled Venus to create a mass chaos that forced protection of those we love, that which we hold dear. Mars went to war alright, fighting with righteous anger backed by Saturn’s hankering to reset our foundations. Chiron has exposed all the rot and mighty forces have come to the aid of the only leaders worth their salt right now.

The future isn’t built for our children anymore. It is being constructed by them. They are the most powerfully perfect example of Aries in action: little rams, strong and mighty, bumping up against the establishment until it cracks and crumbles. Long may they reign. Here to reclaim their world. Because as they warned their predecessors: we are coming for you.

Look at what happens when you teach your children well.

Bow down.


Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018