Astrofuquery Alert

The next few days should rightly have been circled in blood on that calendar of Kittens Doing Things you received from Secret Santa. Pourquoi? Grab a vat of something to stop thy head spinning and pull up a pew. The Church of Latter Day Sanity Saving is in sesh.

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Aries the mood has seriously fired up. Tears have been dried and plots have been hatched and vows have been sworn. Post Pisces is when the tough get going.

The moon in Cancer tomorrow will be at a sandpapery square aspect (astrospeak for really niggly) for more than two days. This ups the pass agg snark AND the sook factor while pinging all our mother issues. Snore. And not just any moon, the first quarter or crisis moon. The button pushing moon phase that once a month upsets our applecart to provide an opportunity for growth and evolution. Yours not theirs, darklings.

Captain Chaos cannot resist getting in on the action as Uncle Pluto squares Venus. Because we haven’t had nearly enough of dealing with our troublesome relationship issues or toxic attitudes to money. Pluto creates chaos to foster change – unfortunately in the earliest days of Merc rx when miscommunication is rife and disastrous tangents can be expected. Mars and Saturn waggling fingers from Capricornia. Chiron still weeping as our wounds still bleed.

Gah. Knowing it is one powerful advantage. Wading through is quite another. Your options? Whether it is breathwork or boxing, this is what you train for. Use your practice as though your life depends on it. This weekend it possibly does.

And if your practice is MIA, last seen headed for the coast? Start from now. Breathe deeply. Again. Temper your reaction. Count to four hundred thousand. Walk away. Be the bigger human. Watch yourself. Bite your tongue.

Do it all so you can Learn Something you didn’t know before. About them, sure, but mainly about you. Use this agitating few days as fuel for something other than detonation. It is going to be a gong show and hell’s kitchen for muggles errywhere.

Aries knows you cannot save anyone else if you have not first saved yourself. Steer clear and do you.

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Words c. Kerrie Basha, 2018